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We guarantee:

1. LED display screen, LED module and accessories are guaranteed for 2 years. In case of quality problems, we will provide free maintenance or replacement services.

2. Provide lifetime warranty and only charge for raw materials.

On site installation guidance and commissioning training services:

After the customer purchases the display screen, our company will provide on-site installation guidance and debugging training services for the customer, and our service engineer will provide installation technical guidance, display screen debugging and use maintenance training for the customer.

After sales service scope:

The scope of our after-sales service mainly includes: three-year warranty, hardware failure in the display screen, plug-in failure in the display screen, display control system failure, display control software failure, and the above failures are in our charge.

Free service during the warranty period:

1. Failure of unit module, power supply and fan on the display

2. Display control system failure (graphics card, sending card, receiving card) our distribution connection line failure in the display box

3. Use failure of control display software

Paid services during the warranty period:

1. The water in the display screen (such as structural decoration, etc.) causes the display screen to malfunction

2. Display screen fault caused by human factors (such as illegal operation of display screen)

3. Display screen failure caused by natural disasters